Pelletizing line suitable for the recycling of grinded rigid plastic materials PE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PC.

Assembled in 1995 and overhauled in 2007, 2012 and 2014 with new extruder screw

Produced by P.R.T.

Equipped with:

  • feeding hopper
  • 3 dosing units
  • extruder P.R.T. EX160, 36 diameters, 310 kW DC, with vacuum degassing unit
  • hydraulic screenchanger P.R.T. FLASH250 with hydraulic power unit
  • P.R.T. water ring pelletizer model DFC1000
  • electrical cabinet with control panel 
  • spare parts

Capacity of 800÷1000 kg/h.

PRT160-1 PRT160-2 PRT160-3 PRT160-4 PRT160-5 PRT160-6

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