Pelletizing plants

Workable materials: film, fiber, expanded, rigid, compound, mixed

Washing plants

Workable materials: Films, Mixed Plastics, Rigid, Bottles, Granules

Agglomerating plants

Workable materials: Film, Sheet, Foamed Materials, Fibers

machinery and equipment for plastic recycling and processing

Plastics recycling and processing

P.R.T. Service & Innovation is the Italian company that supports its customers in their projects dedicated to the recycling and the processing of plastic materials. With an experience of over thirty years P.R.T. has evolved, adapting to the needs of the market, exporting the know-how and the skills of its engineers around the world.

Not only complete systems but also machinery

P.R.T. Service & Innovation designs and manufactures an articulated and complete range of equipment for the processing of plastic materials, providing both equipment for the single processing stages, both complete recycling plants for the obtaining of washed, pelletized or densified materials.

Customized technical solutions

P.R.T. Service & Innovation is able to meet the needs of its customers by providing appropriate solutions to the production processes, creating special equipment. Still you have not found a machine or a suitable system for your business? Contact us and we’ll help you to realize your project.

There is a TEAM

you CAN RELY ON: P.R.T. Service & Innovation
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